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We will empower our employer members to transform the delivery of health and health care services. This will lead to a better quality of life for our citizens and will provide a better business climate for all current and future employers (public and private) in our regions and State.

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Lawrence J. Aldrich, JD

Welcome Letter From the Executive Chair

Welcome to the Employers Health Alliance of Arizona (EHAAz). We are an employer-driven, non-profit membership organization focused on helping employers manage the cost of health care while producing better health outcomes for employees and their families.

With your participation and our unmatched focus, we know we can make a difference by addressing many of the serious disconnects within the health care system today. We belong to the National Business Coalition on Health (www.nbch.org), an alliance of more than 50 coalitions across the United States, serving 7,000 employers and 35 million lives.

Since health care is delivered in local communities, we have started EHAAz in Tucson and will roll out across the state over the next several months. By working with us, you will have an opportunity to collaborate with other employers (public and private) on health matters, communicate jointly with health care providers, and leverage certain purchasing power to pay for those benefits that improve our employees’ health, lives and productivity.

I invite you to review the information on this website and hope you will join us at an upcoming event. Together, we can make Arizona the healthiest state to live, play and work.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.

Best wishes,
Lawrence J. Aldrich
Larry Aldrich
Founder and Chair of the Board